Pathology Testing

Our practices offer a full profile of pathology testing... and the best thing is, most is done 'in-house'! This minimises waiting times and allows us to begin treating your pet as soon as possible with a definitive diagnosis.

These range from examining smears taken from the inside of an ear under a microscope, "snap" testing for various diseases (ie. parvovirus)  through to full blood profiling with our bloods machine. Blood testing can generally be split into two categories;

  1. Full Blood Counts - We use our blood count to establish how the red and white cells are performing at what levels.
  2. Comprehensive Diagnostics - Comprhensive Diagnostic blood testing measures various enzymes and chemicals floating in the fluid surrounding our blood cells. This can tell us a lot about the state of vital organs including the liver and kidneys, as well as the gastro-intestinal tract.