Our Wooroolin practice is fully equipped to take radiographs (often called X-rays) of your horse.  Our veterinarians will discuss your horses case and conduct a thorough physical examination to determine if your pet requires radiographs. Radiographs are a very important tool to help us reach a definitive diagnosis in animals, particularly for conditions involving bones.

Our radiography equipment allows us to immediately have the x-ray up on our computer screen for enhancement and magnification. We often need several x-rays from different angles of joints to highlight problem areas.

Taking a radiograph is very similar to taking a photo, except we use X-rays instead of light rays. The usefulness of radiography as a diagnostic tool is based upon the ability of X-rays to penetrate matter. Different tissues in the body absorb X-rays to differing degrees. Of all the tissues in the body, bone absorbs the most X-rays. This is the reason that bone appears white on a radiograph. Soft tissues, such as lungs or organs, absorb some but not all of the X-rays, so soft tissues appear on a radiograph in different shades of grey.  We will demonstrate and explain the radiographs.