Orthopaedic surgery is not something that every veterinary hospital is able to provide. We are lucky enough to have a number of veterinarians who have the skills and experience performing orthopaedic procedures.

Occasionally our pets will be injured by various accidents causing damage to their skeletal sytem. These injuries may involve the rupture of ligaments (ie. the cruciate ligament of the knee) or the fracture of a bone. 

We cater for a full range of treatments from placement of an artificial ligament, reshaping a joint, insertion of a bone pin, or the use of bone platesand screws.

With any luck, you will never require orthopaedic surgery for your pet - however if the situation does arise, you can rest easy knowing your pets will recieve top care within our practice, from start to finish. Further to our fantastic vets, our nurses are extremely passionate about surgery and rehabilitation, assisting you with getting your pet back on its paws as quickly as possible.