Perfect Pet Care Checklist

Our practice implements an eight point plan for perfect pet care. Our emphasis lies within prevention and monitoring small changes to ensure your pet maintains a optimal level of health and wellbeing through all stages of life... excellent routine treatment is paramount in setting your pet up for those senior years!


Our Eight Point Checklist:

► Annual Health Check & Vaccination

Vaccinations are used in small animals to help prevent some transmissable diseases. (For more information on vaccines and what they cover, head over to our 'Vaccination' page)

Annual health checks are important to monitor the any changes in your pet, and will also assess the overall health of your pet - giving you the opportunity to develop and implement strategies with our vets to keep your pet in optimum health.

For the senior pet, blood tests should be considered. This enables us to monitor the internal health of the animal and prevent certain diseases and conditions developing with age.


► Intestinal Worms

Intestinal Worms can cause severe disease in both pets, and children. Regular worming plays a vitally important role of pet care.

We recommend Canine Allwormer or Milbemax (Canine or Feline) every three months, or to combine Worming with Flea treatment by monthly use of Advocate or Nexgard Spectra.


► Heartworm

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease caused by a blood-borne parasite.

To prevent heartworm, we reccommend a yearly injection of SR12 along with your other annual vaccination as the easiest method. Another good alternative is the monthly use of Advocate or Nexgard Spectra.


► Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks cause discomfort and irritation to your pet and can lead to more serious conditions such as skin conditions from fleas, or even fatalities from paraylsis tick.

There are multiple choices available to prevent these parasites. Monthly treatments include Advocate, Nexgard, and Nexgard Spectra while we also stock Bravecto offering 3 months protection, and Bravecto Spot on which provides 6 month coverage.


► Dental 

Tooth and gum disease can cause major oral infections which may lead to serious problems with the liver, kidney, and heart. Teeth are checked at annual health checks and will sometimes result in a recommendation of in-house dental procedures, or home care that may include altering diets, providing dental treats, or brushing.


► Skin & Coat

Skin and coat condition can offer a good indication of overall health and wellness as well as a starting point for the treatment of external irritation.

Many commercial soap products contain chemical product that is too harsh for some pets, or result in allergic reactionsfor others. We use, recommend, a range of Fido's and Dermcare that are specifically designed to keep your pets happy, comfortable and smelling fresh!

Diet can also be a factor in the skin and coat issues.


► Diet 

Diet is extremely important in the health and wellbeing of our pet. A large proportion of allergy cases in small animals is directly related to dog foods. Those containing pigments and preservatives are particularly bad.

We recommend the use of the Australian range 'Advance' which caters to both dogs and cats. There are multiple formulated diets within the range to suit different growth stages and medical conditions. Our clinic stock our most popular in the range, and are able to order for any special requirments your pet may have.


► Desexing

The best age for desexing our pets is at 5-6 months of age. As well as the obvious reason for desexing to prevent unwanted litters, there are many benefits to the procedure. Females are less likely to suffer from illnesses and cancers in the mammary glands and uterine infections while in males, it is commonly known to reduce urine marking, roaming, and aggression. It is a myth that bitches should be allowed have at least one season.